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Two Dreams & Other Tales (2023)

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Two Dreams & Others Tales
ISBN: 979-8-9858078-1-3

Five Modern Family Tales ...

Passing Through Byron Welles was an all-American kid from East Texas with a bright future. But, in the summer of 1999, his life took an unexpected detour. On a hot summer day, fourteen years later, he has returned to his hometown in search of pieces of his former life and clues to the fate of his missing family.

Two Dreams After years of great success in the financial sector, Noah Kemp is embarking on a new career, taking over the Atlanta restaurant his father spent thirty-four years building into a local institution. Can those who know him best help him through the crisis of confidence that threatens to paralyze his new venture?

Granddaddy & Me When Kevin Truslow sets out on a hunting expedition with his grandfather, he believes he has finally won over the man who has shunned him his whole life. But Henry Garrett isn't quite ready to let go of the past. When disaster strikes, they must confront what divides them, forge a new bond, and set their sights on a common goal: survival.

Three Days at Sunset Luke Dillard has come to Arlington National Cemetery to observe the burial of his little brother following his loss in Afghanistan. During the presentation of military honors, his memory is drawn back to three days of his childhood spent at a boy's summer camp in Ohio; days which saw the brothers come of age, each in his own way.

My Father's Promise When Jimmy Pearson's father left for the war in Europe in March 1942, he promised he would be home for Christmas, but instead, he went missing in action. For eighteen years, Jimmy anxiously pondered his father's fate. Though he had all those years to prepare himself, he wasn't ready for the truth of his father's fate or the truth of his father's promise.

What Reviewers are Saying ...

BookLife by Publisher's Weekly: "This serene short story collection from Treakle (author of Return to the Lion's Den) hints at optimism in the face of life's many tragedies while mourning the changes wrought by the passage of time." -- Read Full Review

Pacific Book Review: "If you're looking for something to add to your reading list, this accomplished work is recommended." -- Read Full Review

Reader's Favorite: "With its relatable themes and accessible writing, [this] simply written but substantively strong anthology will undoubtedly appeal to a wide and diverse audience of readers." -- Read Full Review

The US Review of Books: "Readers can expect to lose a few hours when delving into these stories because their vividness and grip on the mind are as intense as the emotions they invoke from deep within the heart." -- Read Full Review

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